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Equipment: Oil Cooler
Equipment Type: Heat-Transfer Equipment -> Cooler
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Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2010-07-02
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Description: A heat exchanger for cooling oil. Most automatic transmissions are equipped with oil coolers that''s located inside the radiator. Since the radiator usually runs close to 200 degrees, the amount of "cooling" this kind of setup provides is questionable. An aftermarket oil coolers that can be installed outside the radiator can provide much better cooling, and is recommended for towing or high performance applications. Except for air-cooled engines (older Volkswagens for example) and race cars, most engines do not use oil coolers for the engine. The engine''s cooling system is usually adequate to keep oil temperatures within safe limits.For maximum effectiveness, an oil cooler works best when mounted in front of a stock radiator, as it is there subject to an unobstructed source of cool air. This, in turn, allows much cooler fluid to return back to the transmission case.
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